who said time can't be stopped?


It's okay to enjoy the moment and take pictures at the same time. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Because as years pass by, your great great grandchild will be thankful for those images. Photos are a great way to relive those precious moments whether it's small or big, blurry or clear ♡

When the years pass and memories get blurry

You’ll want to grab this photo album and reminisce to the good old days

I remember I saved up and bought my first DSLR camera fresh out of high school and had no idea what I was doing. Little did I know that was the beginning of a passion.

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When the years pass and memories get blurry, you’ll want to grab this photo album and reminisce to the good old days

The girl behind the lens

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Chilling w/ my cat Haku

No Such Thing - Dan + Shay

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Blue & Green


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Anything sweeeeeeeet

Mama's homemade asian sauce

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Spring ~ Summer


Explore till your heart's content




Explore till your heart's content

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It would be a pleasure to capture your beauty. I'll be in town during these dates.

cappadocia, turkey

may, 2021


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I’ll start off by saying this was one of our favorite photo sessions ever! Brian and I have been together for a long time but even then we are not always comfortable in front of the camera together. Mouy made the entire process fun and simple for us! She’s great at capturing the candid moments, nothing felt forced and in the end it came together naturally.  The photos turned out amazing and to my surprise, we received them in just a few days. Her talent translates in her work and her ability to communicate with us effectively while on and off camera was reassuring. I would highly recommend Dearest Mouy to any couple who is looking to capture the best of their moments together with ambient lighting and a relaxed but lively atmosphere.